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Immersive Theatrical Cocktail Experience


New York’s Newest Immersive Show! Become a prisoner of SHAWSHANKD and plan your escape. An immersive show means you will become a key character and will be interacting with the cast members throughout.

Included in the price of your ticket is a 90 min show where you will interact with the cast members as well as 2 criminally delicious cocktails.

“Truly unforgettable, this was one of the most unique experiences I have ever had, highly recommend” – Sarah B. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Every Saturday 5:30pm and 7.30pm shows.


Successfully break the code and serve your time on the inside.

Once inside, seek out Red and hook yourself up with a covert supply of personalised cocktails.

Find Whitey, he needs your help with the escape plan and at all times avoid the crooked guards!! Become part of the story and fully immersed in an interactive show inspired by Hollywood movies.
Murphy is one of the prison guards thas is on your side, stay in with Murphy. Percy another prison guard on the other hand , not so accommodating. Grab your regulation jumpsuit and join gen pop. This is where you might bump into Whitey who has all the guards on the take. He runs a tight operation and is looking for your help on a grand plan to escape.
After your induction with Warden Tyler Tass, you will be brought to your cell. Depending on the size of your gang you will be placed accordingly. Cells take up 6 inmates and we can combine cells for larger parties serving time. The average sentence will last one hour and thirty minutes.
Look out for Red one of the inmates, he is the resident bootlegger and the one you need on side to get your hands on contraband (Cocktails..shhhh). Sneak the cigarettes provided past the Warden and use them as barter to get your hands on the good stuff. Red and his gang has an impressive list of bootlegged cocktails to trade so he’s one to look out for.
The infamous insta moment when the warden is beginning to become suspicious of an escape plan being hatched. This is taken when the inmates are brought to the Wardens.


Barter with Whiteys cigarettes to get one of the best cocktails in New York, will you pull the short straw and get a long stretch?

Contact Us

Address: 58E 34th Street

T&C's: 24 hours notice before the show is required for a refund. Refunds entail you contacting us on and picking another date. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the show as this is an immersive experience and you can not enter late as it disrupts the show. If you are late you may be rebooked to another date free of charge, just email us.

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